Chronic conditions can be challenging to live with, which makes proper management of these conditions crucial to improving your quality of life. Read on to learn more about why it’s vital to manage chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases are conditions that cause long-term symptoms and require ongoing care. For example, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes are all chronic diseases.

Chronic disease management is crucial to preventing the conditions from becoming fatal. Unfortunately, chronic disease complications cause up to 70% of deaths across the globe.

At Monarch Health Services, Inc., in West Palm Beach, Florida, Tiffany Jarrett, MD, and our team are committed to helping patients cope with chronic illnesses. That’s why we offer chronic disease management, so together, we can help you live a high quality of life.

In this blog, Dr. Jarrett explains seven key goals when it comes to managing chronic diseases.

1. Prevent complications

The key to managing chronic diseases is getting ahead of the condition early to prevent complications. At the first signs of a chronic illness, come see us. The earlier you get diagnosed, the earlier you can begin treatment.

2. Encourage a healthy lifestyle

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits can go a long way toward helping you manage your chronic disease. Unfortunately, poor lifestyle habits, such as smoking and having a sedentary lifestyle, can cause complications in people with chronic conditions.

3. Improve your quality of life

Chronic diseases can significantly impact your quality of life. One of the main goals of chronic disease management is to improve your quality of life so you can live and function as normally as possible. We offer patient-centric care tailored to your specific needs.

4. Monitor your condition

We continually monitor your situation and make adjustments as necessary. By making changes as needed, you can get the best care for your condition.

Furthermore, chronic diseases often occur alongside other conditions. By monitoring your condition, this can help us identify other diseases as early as possible if they develop.

5. Manage your medication

Medication is often the first line of treatment for managing chronic diseases. At Monarch Health Services, Inc., we make sure you receive the appropriate medication for your condition and monitor its effectiveness. And, if needed, we can make adjustments in the dosage or prescribe another medication if we think it may work better.

6. Manage your symptoms

Many chronic diseases cause severe pain and debilitating symptoms. These conditions can severely reduce your quality of life. With chronic disease management, we can help keep your symptoms under control.

7. Provide access to quality health care

A crucial element of chronic disease management is access to quality health care, which we provide here at Monarch Health Services, Inc. With our team by your side, we can help you thrive.

If you have a chronic illness and want to see how we can help you, call 561-510-7859 or book an appointment online with Monarch Health Services, Inc., today.

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