Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, myths have swirled around the condition and its effects. Here are 10 myths debunked.

Three years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, myths about the condition still swirl. The relatively new condition is still being researched to learn more about effective treatments and how to best prevent the spread of the virus.

What’s currently known is that the virus can be spread through coming into close contact with a person who has the virus, which can cause headache, fever, fatigue, cough, chills, and other symptoms.

Researchers have also observed long-term complications in some people who have contracted COVID-19. This phenomenon is known as long COVID. Here at Monarch Health Services, Inc., in West Palm Beach, Florida, Tiffany Jarrett, MD, and our team are fully equipped to treat and manage any long-term effects of a COVID-19 infection.

It’s essential to debunk myths about the virus. Doing this can go a long way toward helping slow its spread. Here are 10 things about COVID-19 we want to help clarify.

Myth 1: Spraying your body with alcohol can kill the virus

Fact: Not only is spraying your body with alcohol potentially dangerous, it will do nothing to kill the COVID-19 virus if you’ve been infected. Doing this also can’t prevent you from contracting the virus.

Myth 2: Antibiotics can treat COVID-19

Fact: Antibiotics are designed to treat bacterial infections. COVID-19, however, is a viral infection, which makes using antibiotics for its treatment ineffectual. In some instances, COVID-19 might cause you to develop a bacterial infection. In such cases, your doctor might give you antibiotics to treat the bacterial infection.

Myth 3: There are microchips in the COVID-19 vaccine

Fact: A lot of research has gone into and is still being done into COVID-19 vaccines. However, the vaccines don’t contain microchips. They also don’t contain metals or preservatives.

Myth 4: COVID-19 is the same as the flu

Fact: COVID-19 and the flu are both viral infections with common symptoms. Both conditions can cause high fever, fatigue, cough, and body pain. However, both conditions are caused by different viruses, and COVID-19 has proven to be more fatal than the flu, especially in severe cases.

Myth 5: You can’t get the virus in warmer climates

Fact: COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has affected more than 600 million people living in warm and cold climates worldwide. Exposing your body to hot temperatures, such as frequent hot showers, will not help treat or prevent infection.

Myth 6: Supplements like vitamin C can help prevent COVID-19

Fact: If you’ve contracted the virus, taking supplements that contain vitamin C and zinc can boost your immune system and help you recover faster. However, these supplements can’t prevent you from contracting the virus. Washing your hands regularly, covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, and using face masks are the best ways to reduce your risk of contracting the virus.

Myth 7: Children can’t get COVID-19

Fact: People of all ages can get COVID-19, including children. This makes it important for you to protect your children from the virus in the same way you protect yourself. Get them vaccinated, have them wash their hands regularly, and have them wear masks when the occasion calls for it.

Myth 8: Getting the flu shot can protect against COVID-19

Fact: The flu is caused by a virus distinct from that which causes COVID-19. As such, getting a flu shot won’t protect you from getting COVID-19. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is currently the most effective way to protect yourself against the virus.

Myth 9: Deliberately getting the virus can help you build immunity

Fact: Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is the safest way to help you build immunity against the virus. Deliberately infecting yourself with the virus can be potentially fatal, especially if you’re older or have an underlying medical condition.

Myth 10: You can’t develop long COVID if your symptoms are mild

Fact: Long COVID is an offshoot of COVID-19 that researchers are still seeking to understand. What’s clear is that some people infected with the virus continue to experience troubling symptoms months and even years after they were first infected. It has been shown to affect both people with mild or severe symptoms after the initial infection.

COVID-19 remains a relatively novel virus. Scientists and researchers across the globe are working tirelessly to help us understand more about it and its long-term complications.

If you’ve contracted COVID-19 and are continuing to experience unexplainable symptoms months or even years later, schedule a visit with us today. To learn more, call 561-510-7859 or book an appointment online with Monarch Health Services, Inc., today.

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