Diagnostic testing services ensure you get the best possible health care for your needs at a given time. Monarch Health Services, Inc. in West Palm Beach, Florida, utilizes numerous diagnostic tests to identify or rule out possible causes of your symptoms. If you need diagnostic testing for initial symptoms or to track your progress with treatment, call Monarch Health Services, Inc., or book an appointment online today.

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What is diagnostic testing?

Diagnostic testing services help the team at Monarch Health Services, Inc. identify or rule out possible health problems that may be causing symptoms. Additionally, they can help your provider assess your health over time as you go through treatments for various illnesses and track your responses to those treatments.

What are some examples of diagnostic tests I can get?

The team at Monarch Health Services, Inc. provides many advanced diagnostic tests on a daily or weekly basis, including a couple that they offer free of charge regardless of your health insurance status. Some diagnostic tests you might need during your next visit are:

  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) tests
  • Rapid human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing (free)
  • Rapid hepatitis C testing (free)
  • Rapid strep test
  • Tissue Biopsies
  • X-Rays
  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Diabetes blood sugar test
  • Cholesterol testing

While some diagnostic tests happen on site, the team might refer you to nearby facilities to get other necessary tests according to your symptoms, age, and personal or family medical history.

Screenings, which are not quite the same as diagnostic tests, can also be helpful in identifying diseases, particularly in their earliest stages. You get screening tests according to your individual risks. They can detect specific diseases or conditions long before they cause symptoms so you can start treatment for them as soon as possible and, possibly, avoid chronic illness.

What happens when I get the results of diagnostic testing?

Some diagnostic test results are available almost immediately: For example, the results of any rapid tests such as rapid HIV or hepatitis C tests are available to you within about 20 minutes. The team interprets your test results for you as soon as they’re available and can discuss their implications in easy-to-understand terms.

Your diagnostic test results might indicate a need for further testing. If the team needs more information before making a conclusive diagnosis, they can provide the next necessary test in the office or refer you to an off-site lab that has the right equipment. As your primary care provider, Monarch Health Services, Inc. collaborates with any other providers you visit.

If your diagnostic test results lead to a diagnosis, the team at Monarch Health Services, Inc. can prescribe medications, recommend nutrition changes, or lead you to any other treatment you may need. They can also adjust a current treatment plan according to the results of any diagnostic test you get.

Diagnostic tests give you the answers you need to improve your medical care. To schedule an appointment, call Monarch Health Services, Inc., or book online today.