Rapid human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing gives you quick answers about your health, so you don’t have to wait and feel worried. In West Palm Beach, Florida, the team of primary care providers at Monarch Health Services, Inc. provides free rapid HIV testing to anyone who can benefit. To schedule a rapid HIV test, call Monarch Health Services, Inc., or book online today.

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What is HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that reduces your immunity by attacking a specific type of white blood cell. White blood cells play an important role in your immune system by helping your body fight infections. With fewer white blood cells, you’re more vulnerable to infections and some types of cancer.

While an HIV infection can go on for years without causing many problems, the final and most severe stage of HIV is called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Not everyone with HIV develops AIDS, but you can get it if the virus causes serious damage to your immune system.

If you notice any symptoms — early signs of HIV include flu-like symptoms like fatigue, muscle aches, and swollen lymph nodes — a rapid HIV test can detect the virus. Many illnesses can cause these symptoms, but visiting Monarch Health Services, Inc. for diagnostic testing can reveal their cause.

What is rapid HIV testing?

Rapid HIV testing is a free service for anyone at Monarch Health Services, Inc., regardless of whether they have insurance or not. The test provides results within 20 minutes and tells you if the virus is present in your system.

The team at Monarch Health Services, Inc. uses either a tiny blood sample from a finger stick or an oral fluid sample to conduct the rapid HIV test. If your test result is positive, the team directs you to the care you need and provides support throughout the whole process.

When should I get rapid HIV testing?

The CDC urges everyone between ages 13 and 64 to get an HIV test at least once. However, there are some reasons why you might need more frequent testing for HIV.

You should get HIV testing if you:

  • Have had more than one sexual partner since your last test
  • Have been sexually exposed to HIV
  • Have shared any needles or other drug injection equipment
  • Are a man who has had sexual contact with another man
  • Don’t know the sexual history of a recent sexual partner

The team at Monarch Health Services, Inc. advises you on how often to get tested based on your habits and lifestyle.

To schedule a free HIV rapid test, call Monarch Health Services, Inc., or schedule an appointment online today.